In mid 2016 we launched Community, an initiative dedicated to giving back to the local and wider communities in which we operate whereby regular donations are made to charities and causes we believe in, based on a percentage of sales. 

Our initial focus lies locally, however over time the list of organisations we work with will expand to both national and international causes.  The rotation of recipients allows us to establish a far-reaching network of partners across a wide range of causes, all of whom will receive long term support from Instrmnt thanks to your help. To find out more about our charitable partnerships, email us via

So far we have work with a number of organisations and causes, including:


The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 425 foodbanks, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK.  People are going hungry every day for a range of reasons, from delays in benefit payments to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income to losing their employment.

In 2015/16, The Trussell Trust’s network of foodbanks provided over 1.1 million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, with 420,000 of those supplies having gone to children. Sadly, despite the economic recovery in the UK we are helping more people than ever before.

Foodbanks also offer a lot more than food. Trained volunteers provide a listening ear to clients over a drink or a hot meal, as well as signposting people to other charities and agencies which can help resolve the underlying cause of the crisis and help people to break the cycle of poverty.

Marcella, one of our clients sums up what we do: “The foodbank gave me faith that there are people who understand and who you can trust. They made me feel comfortable and reassured. The foodbank really helped and was there for me in every way. Without their support, I don’t feel like I would have been able to cope.”



MS Society

The MS Society Scotland works to raise funds and awareness to support those living with MS. They invest the funds raised through into research, looking into the cause and cure of MS, effective treatments, and the best ways of supporting families and carers.

Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable, incurable and progressive condition which is most commonly diagnosed in people aged between 20 and 40. MS affects the nerves and symptoms can vary widely from loss of vision, fatigue and mobility problems.

The MS Society's vision is a world free from the effects of MS. But until then, they will continue to support people affected to live their lives to the fullest. Together we will Beat MS.

For more information, please check out If you or anyone you know is affected by MS – please do not hesitate to contact the Society for information or advice on 0808 800 8000.



Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity (formerly Yorkhill Children's Charity) raises money to ensure that the boys and girls treated at Scotland’s largest children’s hospital receive the best possible care.

The Charity funds medical equipment, research, play and family support services at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, and last year invested more than £3.3 million in projects at the hospital.

160,000 babies, children and young people from across Scotland are treated at the hospital every year. The support of donors, fundraisers and volunteers is vital to the work of the Charity.



The Unity Centre

The Unity Centre gives practical support and solidarity to all asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland. Having opened over 10 years ago, they work to support anyone detained in any UK Detention Centres. The Centre is run by the Unity Centre Collective which is formed entirely by volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds. They are no borders, and believe everyone should have freedom of movement. Their office is based in Glasgow less than 100 metres from the Home Office. Anyone who is required to sign at the Home Office reporting centre can stop by the office on their way to sign into our signing book, which means they can act quickly if anyone gets detained by the Home Office. They try to share information and training about the asylum process so that everyone can become better informed about the system.



Meningitis Research Foundation

Meningitis Research Foundation funds research to prevent meningitis and septicaemia, and to improve survival rates and outcomes.  We promote education and symptoms awareness to reduce death and disability, and give support to those affected.  They also offer bereavement support, counselling and befriending services.

Their vision is a world free from meningitis and septicaemia.  Their work targets the whole population with a strong focus on those most at risk – babies, children and young adults aged 15-24. They believe no one should die of a vaccine preventable disease and have invested millions in vital medical research to safeguard children and adults from unnecessary death and disability. Every year they provide and distribute over a million pieces of free literature and other resources to both the public and health professionals.  They also give talks to childminder groups, nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, community groups and any others who may request them and provide a freefone helpline, open every day of the year.

Their expertise has been pivotal in the fight for a Meningitis B (Men B) vaccine and they have funded crucial research to ensure this.  A licensed vaccine is now available in the UK and Ireland, and has been introduced into the childhood immunisation programme and they are monitoring progress and efficacy. However meningitis is still here and the challenge is ensuring that awareness messages are spread as widely as possible. Many members of the public believe meningitis and septicaemia are no longer threats, because they hear about vaccines having been made available and see them on the childhood immunisation programme, but this is not the case.  Until vaccines are available for all forms of the diseases it is vital to know the symptoms, so that urgent medical help can be sought.  Early diagnosis and prompt, effective treatment provide the best chance for a good recovery.

Timing is critical – as the patient can be close to death within hours from the onset of the first symptoms.  Recognising the symptoms and giving immediate treatment with antibiotics, can literally be the difference between life, death or serious lasting after effects. Prevention is our ultimate goal - research is key and raising awareness is vital.


Beatson Cancer Charity

Beatson Cancer Charity is determined to beat cancer and is committed to securing significant funding to enhance the experience, treatment, outcomes and wellbeing of current and former cancer patients and their families.

The charity delivers a comprehensive range of patient and family support services including patient wellbeing and complementary therapy services delivered through its unique and award-winning Wellbeing Centre and throughout the Beatson Cancer Centre and related facilities throughout the West of Scotland.

Beatson Cancer Charity provides funding for a range of specialist posts including specialist nursing, radiography, physics and research-based staff as well as providing funding for enhanced medical equipment, innovative service developments, unique research projects and developmental staff training.