Haeckles specialise in the manufacture of fragrances and scents foraged, grown and formulated in the seaside town of Margate. 

Environment and locality are cited as key inspiration and this is clearly referenced through their GPS perfumes. Foraged ingredients are used to provide a snapshot of a area with the co-ordinates then etched onto the bottle. These different locations provide unique fragrances with each terroir* impacting on the final outcome of the scent. 

When speaking to Channel 4’s Makers short series, owner Dom Bridges explains why he was attracted to the idea in the first place: "A large component of the fragrance industry is the unobtainable, so I figured you could kind of turn that all on its head”.

It's the idea of making these fragrances tangible and encouraging greater interaction with the environment we reside in through both smell and tactility which make this such a interesting concept. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting concepts Haeckles offer is their bespoke perfume creation with previous commissions including the distillation and creation of a Fabier-Castell pencil fragrance. 

Haeckles were recently featured as part of Channels 4’s Makers collection of short programmes. 


*Terroir - the set of special characteristics that is the geographygeology and climate of a certain place. It can also be loosely translated as “a sense of place".