Local is a menswear store launched in October 2014 by Simon Freund (of Simon&Me) and Philipp Sumpf. Located in Bergmannkiez, Berlin, the concept is simple: to provide a carefully curated selection of high quality, minimalist goods - all of which are manufactured in the country of their brand’s origin. In their words, “Its purpose is to support and showcase like-minded brands that share our ideas of craftsmanship, quality and aesthetic vision: We believe in the value of locally manufactured goods.”

We find ourselves not only agreeing with their ideology and clean aesthetic, but consistently enjoying their curation of products from the likes of Vor, A Kind Of Guise, Noble Denim, Hudson Made and Haeckels to name but a few.

If you find yourself in Berlin, you can visit Local at Fidicinstraße 17, 10965.

To view their collection of goods online, click here