Sub Hub

Sub Hub is a month long pop-up exhibition space running throughout April. The main aim behind the space is to bring together the Glasgow creative scene and promote creativity through various mediums. Providing a space for discussion, collaboration and a meeting point for artists and the public to interact.  

Hosted on the top floor of the Argyle arcade in the centre of Glasgow, the space features a cafe bar, gallery space, smoking terrace and even a barbers. 

Brought to fruition by the owners of Glasgow institution Sub Club, the listings have featured a large roster of electronically focused acts with highlights including hosting the Red Bull Music Academy on its opening weekend and lectures from leading producers such as Henrik Schwarz, Andrew Weatherall and Derrick May. 

The Sub hub aims to narrow the gap between the club and its customers, allowing people to interact with it on a different level while also aiming to showcase some of the creativity and thought process that goes on behind the scenes:

"If this was around any other kind of art form there would be an acceptance of a cultural heritage. Whereas with dance music or electronic music there is the idea that you're just going down the disco.”  - Mike Grieve (Sub Club owner)

This has been demonstrated by Philanthrobeats, a grassroots arts and music charity whom curated an exhibition titled  '10 Years of Glasgow Clubbing Posters' showing some of the most interesting and varied graphic design that club nights have utilised:

"In a city where the music and the venues are of such high standard, where club nights are various, busy and competitive, it is only natural that the posters have followed suit in their intensely high quality, diversity and originality.”

Sub Hub runs until the 26th of April.