Chisel & Mouse

Chisel & Mouse are brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley. 

With a name derived from the two methods of production involved in their work, they create intricate handmade plaster models of buildings and cityscapes through traditional plaster-casting (the Chisel) and Computer-Aided Design (the Mouse). Many of the models produced feature fine elements such as metal-framed windows, engraved lettering and hand-carved construction details.

Architectural Digest last year described the miniature pieces as, Meticulously handmade of sleek white plaster and free of flourishes, save the occasional pop of colour. The understated structures celebrate the brothers’ love of architecture, especially Art Deco and modernist design.” 

Their portfolio encompasses some of the most striking and architecturally significant buildings in the world, however they are equally happy working on private commissions of residential properties and other bespoke projects. Discussing the ethos behind their work, Robert and Gavin comment: Chisel & Mouse is a family business; we employ a simple approach focused on making high quality, handmade architectural sculptures using local and UK resources.”

Strikingly accurate 27cm and 21.5cm tall copies of Lescaze and Moller House are our highlights from the current collection, along with (slightly closer to home) Mackintosh’s Glasgow School of Art and the Hill House.