Hancock Vulcanised Articles is a luxury outerwear brand, producing waterproof items of clothing that are handmade in Scotland. It was founded in 2012 by Daniel Dunko and Gary Bott - two men who hold impressive résumés. Daniel started at Mackintosh as an apprentice and continued there for 27 years, working his way up to buy the company before transitioning it from manufacturer to brand in 1996. Gary also worked with Mackintosh, marketing it for 8 years before the pair sold the company in 2007. He then went on to take the position of creative director at Globe-Trotter. 

Hancock was inspired by the pioneering inventor Thomas Hancock who patented elastication and vulcanised rubber while working with Charles Mackintosh in the mid 1800’s. Bott discovered a book written by the inventor in 1856 that detailed his life’s work: a personal narrative of his discoveries, patents and inventions, alongside original designs for articles of clothing that have inspired Dunko and Bott and led the direction of their eponymously named company ever since.  

The brand takes what its founders learned about quality and craftsmanship during their time at Mackintosh and presents it in fresh and interesting way. Positioning themselves as ‘Modern Heritage’, colour and pattern feature heavily and have already become iconic elements of the classically cut raincoats that form the majority of the Hancock range. They often use students from Edinburgh College of Art during the design process, encouraging a youthful emphasis on classic ideas.

Each item is made by hand - and to order - in their Cumbernauld factory, twenty minutes from our own studio in Glasgow. The manufacturing process is rigorous. In Dunko’s words, “we start with cutting our rubber bonded cloth by hand, this is then machine stitched, then the interior seams are taped by our coat makers who apply a special glue solution using only their index finger as this is the best tool for the job. Taping the seams ensures the article is fully waterproof. Any excess glue along the taped seam is removed using a hand tool with a rubber wheel and the seam is then finished with a hand roller that helps to flatten the tape so it remains firmly bonded.”

One of the most refreshing elements of the brand is their interest in collaborative projects. Having already worked with Missoni and Converse amongst others, it gives them great scope to create unique pieces and work on new ventures out-with the outerwear industry. 

Find out more and view the Hancock range here.