Alice Made This

Alice Made This launched in 2012 when Alice and her husband Ed couldn't find suitable cufflinks for their upcoming wedding. Spotting a gap in the market, Alice, whom had previously worked under Tom Dixon (a period which helped pique her always strong interest in industrial processes) decided to launch Alice Made This. Ed soon followed after quitting his job in the city. 

Aiming to “refine industry” they work solely with British based manufacturing partners with each collection being manufactured using a different industrial technique.

Alice Made This have found the cufflink to be the ideal starting point, a wardrobe staple that could be used as a basis to portray the various manufacturing processes to the consumer. Each range that is crafted provides its own distinct intricacies - all fulfilling the same function but manufactured differently and each aesthetically unique. Despite being the original focus, cufflinks are now just one of a number of products on offer, with lapel pins and shirt studs also now available. 

The studio works with a range of manufacturers - each a specialist in their process. This includes a factory that specialises in aerospace engineering, an engineered ceramics company whose day-to-day use is in medical innovation, a company who work in the field of Formula one and military vehicle cladding, a casting company that hold the royal warrant for household casting, and a rope maker.

Currently expanding their range into other products, the ethos of the company still rings true with new processes and products to be added over the next few seasons.