Residents: Inside the Iconic Barbican Estate.

Anton Rodriquez is a London-based photographer specialising in fashion, architecture and portraiture work. Born in Germany but raised in Liverpool, Rodriquez' clients have included Folk Clothing, Cereal Magazine and Several, however his latest project is perhaps his most intriguing to date. 

'Residents: Inside the Iconic Barbican Estate' gives us an alternative view into one of the most extensively documented housing projects in the world. The focus here lies on the residents: their stories, backgrounds and opinions sit alongside a striking collection of photographs highlighting the brutalist interior design quirks that give each apartment its own sense of individuality (not to mention the resident's impressive anthology of classic furniture).

The success of the imagery doesn't simply lie in the subject matter. A resident himself, Rodriquez' framing and exclusive use of natural light - the availability of which is testament to the architectural integrity of the apartments - play important roles, as does the layout design undertaken by EACH London.

Describing the foundations of the project, Rodriquez explains, "I wanted to allow the public to get a rare glimpse of what goes on within the Barbican Estate, as you don’t often get to see it from the inside. The best part was meeting my neighbours! I’ve made so many friends from photographing other residents and it’s been a great way to meet like minded people. Also getting to see all the different layout of flats, there are supposedly over 100 different flat types."

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