Oslo based studio StokkeAustad have designed a range of furniture for Norwegian brand Elementa.  The adaptable UN Divided furniture rests on trestle bases made from tubular steel on which a range of different shaped and sized tabletops can be placed. The furniture is modular and allows for expansion: several trestles can be combined into a storage unit or shelving.

Originally designed for workers that move between offices or companies that have a quick rate of expansion, UN Divided is, as StokkeAustad’s Jonas Stokke puts it, “Simple, functional and adaptable” and addresses the fact that “Workers of today do not need loads of closed storage or complicated cable management”. The system is quick to assemble and reconfigure as the users' needs change. Outside of the office environment the system would not look out of place in small living spaces or rental properties.  

StokkeAustad design with a methodical approach which is focused on revealing the essence of each challenge which in turn allows them to create a holistic and durable solution.  Previous projects include Patch, a series of acoustic panels designed for textile producer Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk and Luster, a family of candle holders designed in 2014 for Menu.