Formerly Yes

Formerly Yes is a minimal home store run by husband and wife team Brad and Jenna Holdgrafer.  Located on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles opposite the Ace Hotel, the store offers items for the space-conscious. Using the idea of “buy less, but better” their web store evolved into a bricks and mortar retail space which opened in July 2015.  

The space is light, minimal and refreshingly simple, pairing custom made oak tables with large green planters. Items such as books, magazines and stationery are paired with a clean note on white paper that informs customers of the background of the item as well as the price. Highlights among the inventory include a beautifully simple bottle opener by Takenobu Igarashi and a concrete and glass vase by Menu.

Trying to answer the question: “How can we find a way to not just balance work and life, but blend them into its own simple lifestyle?” Brad and Jenna thought about what products they wanted to carry, eventually coming to the conclusion of only stocking items that they would want in their own home. Products not only have a function but are designed with the end user in mind.