Euphrosyne Andrews

Euphrosyne Andrews is a graduate of The Royal Drawing School and Glasgow School of Art. Her works have been exhibited at the RSA New Contemporaries, the VAS Annual Exhibition and many other institutions over the past four years.

Andrews works in printmaking, paying careful attention to the role of the decorative within fine art. Applying a historical view, her work is a testament to production and technique. During her time at The Royal Drawing School she spent time practicing observational drawing as well as drawing from memory, using colours or motifs as inspiration. By working in this way she has explored form, composition, space and the colours of the everyday.

Andrew’s work blurs the boundaries between applied and fine arts. During her ‘Private Abode’ exhibition, pieces printed on both paper and fabric were displayed together, creating a conversation between them and exploring the way in which galleries use textile pieces as a vehicle for paintings. This pairing also brings to attention the relationship between traditional processes and modern digital methods that allow artists’ multiples to be created.