Studio Kyss

Working as Studio Kyss, Kenny Yong-soo Son is an object-designer and maker from South Korea, now based in Sydney, Australia.  He graduated in 2010 with a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts from The Sydney College of Arts with a major in Metal & Object, followed by a Masters in Design at The University of Technology in Sydney where he majored in Object & Accessories. Studio Kyss was launched in 2013.

Originally setting out to be a jeweller, Yong-soo Son discovered that he was drawn to creating objects that belonged on desks or tables rather than being worn on the body.  Making small scale pieces from concrete, copper and brass, with a subtle nod to works by Futagami but with a delicate style of their own, his work is not only concerned with the aesthetic of the object but also with the connection with the user, ideally creating the same level of intimacy that he has whilst crafting them. He draws inspiration from everyday encounters and the value of travel.

Depending on how the each piece is meant to work, Yong-Soo decides upon whether the process should be undertaken through industrial means or on the work bench. In either case, all work is finished by hand and thus he is never detached from the beginning to the end.  Work is divided into three distinct categories: Limited Edition, Exhibition and Batch Production.  This allows for freedom of working with smaller quantities or even one-offs.