Mujo NYC

MUJO NYC is a Brooklyn-based contemporary jewellery brand by Simon J Zhang. Frustrated with cheap, mass-produced jewellery and gaudy designer pieces, MUJO was founded in 2015 as a minimal, material-led alternative.  

Guided by clean and balanced design and inspired by the industrial character of New York, MUJO pieces are handcrafted in either brass or sterling silver. Zhang says, “We create essential pieces that are made to wear handsomely with age and last a lifetime.”

Instrmnt are particularly fond of the 003-X1 ring with its clean lines and simple form, and the stylised geometry of the 003-X2 Signet Cuff Bracelet. All pieces are designed and manufactured by hand in MUJO’s design studio. Their most recent look book ‘003 Annex’ - shown below - gives an insight into the emphasis placed on aesthetic in both the MUJO brand and art direction.