Bernhard Osann - Neo

Unveiled as part of the Pure Talents Contest at this year’s IMM Cologne furniture fair, Neo is a light by German designer Bernhard Osann.  Consisting of a curved rod, this simple light leans against a wall and can be rotated in order to create different effects.

The Neo light evolved out of a previous design of Osann’s after he accidentally broke its base.  Whilst trying to find another way with which to support the standing lamp, he bent the steel rod in two places which allowed it to rest against a wall.  The minimal shape of the light allows it to be rotated which in turn offers either direct or indirect light and eliminates the need for a lampshade.

The lamp uses LED modules which are embedded into the profile of the upper part of the rod. A strip of hidden cooling vents on the reverse of these modules prevent overheating.  Silicon has been used for the points where the lamp makes contact with the wall and floor, allowing a secure standing position. 

Osann was born in Augsburg in 1979.  After completing training as a carpenter and studying sculpture at the Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Gestaltungsschule he went on to study Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg.  Based in Hamburg, he designs lighting and furniture for companies such as Nils Holger Moormann, Absolut Lighting and Omikron Design Milano.

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