Lev Khesin

Berlin-based artist Lev Khesin creates works centred around a pivotal statement by Robert Ryman, “The basic problem is what to do with paint”. Born in Penza, Russia in 1981, Khesin studied Fine Art in Penza before moving to Berlin to continue his studies. Growing up in an artistic family, both his mother and father are icon painters and his sister is an illustrator, Khesin spent his teenage years interested in technology with dreams of becoming an aircraft construction engineer. He has applied his interest in technology and engineering with his art, using materials and tools that are more industrial than artistic.

Khesin’s technique of applying multiple layers of different coloured silicone is a time consuming one. His approach is almost Zen like, when applying a new layer he is completely focused on that action. His pieces are experimental, he never works more than one step ahead and lets his pieces grow layer by layer. It is purely by experimentation that he came to use silicon as a material for painting, playing with its unique qualities including its glossiness, transparency and viscosity.  Manipulating these characteristics with different additives gave Khesin the opportunity to develop a tactility to his works.

Khesin is currently working on a series of video objects, using loops and manipulated monitors.  His next solo exhibition is at SMUDAJESCHECK Munich, from the 17th of March to the 13th of May 2017.