Daphna Laurens

Daphna Laurens is an Eindhoven based studio run by Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders. Having both graduated in 2008 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, they immediately went on to work on exhibition and spatial design projects. In 2009 they joined the collective Dutch Invertuals to design products, the first of which is the Tafelstukken lamp.  They have since gone on to work with Capellini, Poltrona and Areaware as well as smaller commissions for private galleries and clients and not forgetting, themselves. There is no written concept for the studios work, instead they play with intuition and a desire to create an effortless quality, working as “two personalities merged into one designer”.

From the ceramic and oak pieces of the Tafelstukken lamps to the steel and linoleum of the Everything but the Desktop range, the studio have managed to stamp their own signature on a varied range of products, no matter what the scale.  Perhaps most importantly their pieces have an element of fun, something that is perhaps not shown enough these.