Brian Thoreen

For his first solo show, “Unsettled”, Brian Thoreen created a series of furniture objects that are as precise as they are surreal. Thoreen states that “The idea was to create forms and components that cannot function on their own without the support of the other components while at the same time creating as much tension as possible between the materials, the balance, and the weight”.

“Unsettled” makes use of physics tricks, Thoreen’s Cantilever table being a prime example, a piece of smoked glass sitting upon a curved brass block is perfectly balanced with a calibrated piece of marble in a state of tension that is both intriguing and terrifying.  For Thoreen there has to be a dialogue between the materials and design of each piece and the collection as a whole.

Having worked across various fields within the art world, Thoreen left the design firm that he founded and started to work with furniture.  Drawing his inspiration from his own career, he focused on the importance of high standards of design, no matter what the scale may be.  Previous furniture pieces include a credenza made of rubber, brass and plywood and a ‘Torpedo Chandelier’ made of brass with hand blown glass and LED bulbs.