Graphic Means

With it’s premier on the 15th of April, Graphic Means is a new film from Director/Producer Briar Levit.  The film charts the evolution of graphic design production from the 1950’s to present day, exploring the impact that desktop publishing has had on the graphics industry.

Having amassed a large collection of design production manuals that were published between the 1960’s and 80’s, Levit felt naturally drawn to the processes described despite the fact that she had worked exclusively with desktop publishing since starting her studies in 1996.  Although Levit finds the methods used impressive and fascinating, she has no desire to return to them and, as she found out when filming, neither do the vast majority of practising designers.

Featuring a wealth of influential names including Steven Heller, Malcolm Garrett, Ian Swift and Frank Romano, the film will make it’s debut at the ByDesign film festival in Seattle before touring at festivals/events and institutions worldwide.  It will be available for DVD purchase and Vimeo streaming from September.