oneofthose is an Italian perfume brand that is becoming well known for it’s intriguing packaging design, a hermetic polystyrene shell which must be broken in order to reach the bottle. Breaking open the packaging leaves a shape that is unique to the wearer. There are eight different scents to choose from, each named after “universal traces of cosmic memory”, or elements as they are more commonly known. From the bright and clean metallic tones of Mercury to the spicy tones of Carbon, each scent leaves a trace that is not cosmic but human. After all, it is only once the perfume comes into contact with our skin that it becomes unique.

For Design Miami 2016 oneofthose collaborated with designer Francesca Gotti to create an installation at Aybar Gallery, consisting of fifteen monoliths, each signed and numbered. Three scents encased in three colours of Glebanite. The recycled fibreglass product allows for different textures, including one reminiscent of polystyrene. Both mysterious and playful, the monoliths are a modern take on comets, the bottles suspended in time until broken open.  It’s not often in life that purposely breaking something leads to joyful memories.