De Maria Pavilion

Designed by Gluckman Tang Architects, the De Maria Pavilion is part of an informal art walk that links several unique contemporary sculptures on an estate in Bridgehampton, New York.  The building won the Architecture Honor Award at the AIA New York Design Awards 2017.  

The Pavilion is owned by Leonard and Louise Riggio and houses works by Walter De Maria.  The Riggio’s envisioned a setting free of distractions, including other artists, in which to show their collection.  The building is the second on site designed by Gluckman Tang, the first being an outdoor pavilion that is dedicated to Isamu Noguchi.

Set within an 1920s walled 'kitchen garden' the pavilion boats 1,600 square feet of space.  Sheathed in 24-inch bricks that have been bonded at random, with alternating courses in order to create horizontal shadow lines.  The interior boasts Alaskan yellow cedar rafters above which sit a skylight, fitted with retractable shades in order to protect the pencil drawings that hang on the walls below.  Poured concrete forms the interior walls, a deliberate contrast chosen for its ability to highlight the precise nature of the highly polished and reflective objects on show.