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he state of being content; satisfied.


Each week we share the work of a company or creative who share similar aesthetic ideals, or simply produce something that we find of interest. 

Edition Scotland

Fellow Glaswegians; Edition Scotland design menswear accessories inspired by the heritage, integrity & expertise found in Scotland and the craftsmen that work here. 

Our highlight of Edition Scotland’s product range is their cashmere scarves. With raw material sourced from cashmere goats in Inner Mongolia, the fibres are then manufactured and finished in a factory in the Scottish borders that have been plying their trade for nearly 150 years. 

Available in variety of styles, the range features both minimal block colours as well as some more traditional patterns, which are brought up to date with interesting and fresh colour combinations.

A city and a common goal for quality and beautiful menswear accessories is not all we share as our photographer and friend Richard Gaston also recently shot for them.

Marcio Kogan

Marcio Kogan, film-maker and principle architect at Studio Mk27, is considered to be one of the finest residential Architects in the world, with over 50 international awards and a unique studio set-up where his 20 strong team take equal part in every project.

Growing up in Sao Paulo in the 1950's with a modernist architect father, Kogan was clearly inspired by mid-century forms and few manage to incorporate the style so successfully in contemporary design. In some ways his buildings would not look out of place if built 60 years ago, yet still manage to capture the present day. 

Sao Paulo's cinematic landscape is well-suited to his film-making background and clean architectural style, but it is his balance of materials, proportion and light that make him one of our favourite living architects. 

Recent highlights include Paraty House, Mirindaba House, and Corten House, shown in the images below (from Archdaily).

Pharmacie Goods

Pharmacie is a sock subscription service that provides one pair of socks, once a month, direct to your door. Based out of both Paris and London their brand ethos is simple: do common things, uncommonly well, and where the ‘how’ matters as much as the ‘what’.

Working closely with a family run factory in the North of Italy, each pair of hand-linked socks produced passes through 12 pairs of hands to be checked before making their way to you.

Every aspect of Pharmacie has been considered, elevating what is often considered an mundane everyday essential into a truly desirable item.


Local is a menswear store launched in October 2014 by Simon Freund (of Simon&Me) and Philipp Sumpf. Located in Bergmannkiez, Berlin, the concept is simple: to provide a carefully curated selection of high quality, minimalist goods - all of which are manufactured in the country of their brand’s origin. In their words, “Its purpose is to support and showcase like-minded brands that share our ideas of craftsmanship, quality and aesthetic vision: We believe in the value of locally manufactured goods.”

We find ourselves not only agreeing with their ideology and clean aesthetic, but consistently enjoying their curation of products from the likes of Vor, A Kind Of Guise, Noble Denim, Hudson Made and Haeckels to name but a few.

If you find yourself in Berlin, you can visit Local at Fidicinstraße 17, 10965.

To view their collection of goods online, click here


Haeckles specialise in the manufacture of fragrances and scents foraged, grown and formulated in the seaside town of Margate. 

Environment and locality are cited as key inspiration and this is clearly referenced through their GPS perfumes. Foraged ingredients are used to provide a snapshot of a area with the co-ordinates then etched onto the bottle. These different locations provide unique fragrances with each terroir* impacting on the final outcome of the scent. 

When speaking to Channel 4’s Makers short series, owner Dom Bridges explains why he was attracted to the idea in the first place: "A large component of the fragrance industry is the unobtainable, so I figured you could kind of turn that all on its head”.

It's the idea of making these fragrances tangible and encouraging greater interaction with the environment we reside in through both smell and tactility which make this such a interesting concept. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting concepts Haeckles offer is their bespoke perfume creation with previous commissions including the distillation and creation of a Fabier-Castell pencil fragrance. 

Haeckles were recently featured as part of Channels 4’s Makers collection of short programmes.

*Terroir - the set of special characteristics that is the geographygeology and climate of a certain place. It can also be loosely translated as “a sense of place".

Freunde Von Freunden

Since 2009, FvF have been documenting an inspiring spectrum of creative and culturally significant people in their home or work environment. All are ‘friends of friends’ from around the world: "We never look for apartments but for people. The important thing for us is the person and we get surprised by how they live. In most cases we don’t know what to expect when we visit someone at home."

The insightful written content and beautiful photography are regularly shared via blogs, websites and magazines, however it is the subjects of each interview who make FvF so compelling: from Ryan Willms of Inventory, to Berlin-based artist Roman Moriceau or Cereal Magazine editor Rosa Park, these intimate portraits are unique and inspiring.


Honest Skincare specialise in the manufacture of natural skincare and apothecary goods. Their ethical approach to the products they create is reflected through the clarity and cleanliness of their brand aesthetics with a stripped back and 'honest' approach filtering through to both the images they take and the packaging they use.

In January their blog also featured a well timed recipe suggestion for a detox scrub, it is this kind of transparency with regards to ingredients and production which allows you fully appreciate and respect what Honest are producing.

Labour and Wait

Fifteen years since establishing Labour and Wait in the market district of East London, Rachel Wythe-Moran and Simon Watkins aptly describe the goods they stock as 'everyday classics': carefully chosen pieces for the home, office, or garden that celebrate good design via timelessness and utility. Their ethos for quality and love of form through function is something we can relate to, and their curation is unparalleled. 

In 2010, they moved to Redchurch Street and found themselves amongst good company on what is fast becoming the finest independent shopping street in the UK. Concessions at Dover Street Market, and in Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo followed. 

The images below were taken by Kinfolk Magazine. Click here to read their 2013 interview with Labor and Wait.

Daniel Emma

Working with simple, often geometric elements to provide alternate compositions. Australian Duo Daniel To and Emma Aiston utilise brightly coloured polymers alongside natural materials to both contrast and complement.

Aiming to create objects that are "just nice" the duo create utilitarian products such as desk ware with playful edge