Our new calf leather straps are crafted in the valleys of the Bavarian Forest, Germany. A locale once synonymous with quality leather production, our manufacturing partner now runs one of the last remaining workshops in the area. 

Having been founded 80 years ago, it is a testament to their skill and craftsmanship that they have managed to sustain and thrive as the trend for cheaper and faster production in China and the Middle East has grown to become the norm. 

Each of our straps are created using the finest materials and traditional techniques in a production process that extends to fourteen stages. 

Many of the craftsmen and craftswomen who work on our straps have been plying their trade for thirty years or longer, using the same trusted machinery and procedures used in the early 20th century. The leather is sourced from a tannery located in Italy, widely regarded as one of best in the world. 

In May 2015, we travelled to Bavaria with filmmakers Raspberry & Jam to find out a little more about our manufacturer's commitment and passion and the intricate processes they use.

Those processes are by no means the quickest, or the cheapest, but we think that is more than made up for in the quality, lifespan and feel of the product.

£40 / €50 / $55

Available in tan, brown or black leather with your choice of buckle.

Please note: we recommend customers replace their watch strap every 9 to 12 months. The optimum lifespan for a natural leather strap can be extended through gentle use and reducing exposure to moisture or extreme heat/cold. 

Please Note: Straps are currently only available to purchase for Instrmnt 01.