A Film About Process: The A-Series Clock.


The Instrmnt A-Series is a dual aspect quartz clock for desk or wall. Available in anodised silver or gold, each clock is spun-form by hand from a disc of raw aluminium, and features our now-customary ‘00’ dial typeset in Helvetica Neue Regular. As with all Instrmnt goods, function runs through the A-Series’ core; a removable machine-bent stainless steel stand allows for the clock to be positioned on a side table or desk, whilst a rear bracket provides the means for wall hanging if desired.


Aside from the A-Series’ German-made movement, the entire manufacturing process takes place in the UK using long-established techniques, culminating with final assembly and quality control at our Glasgow studio.

In late 2018, filmmakers Pretend Lovers visited our UK manufacturing partner to document some of the key processes involved in the fabrication of each A-Series clock. One is a traditional hand machining technique called spin-forming, known to take years to master by expert metalworkers. There is something quite cathartic about the abstract nature of that process, satisfyingly captured by Pretend Lovers’ in their resulting film. 


Click here to purchase the sandblasted silver A-12.

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