5 watch straps for ultimate comfort and style

Functionality is crucially important to the design of our watches. We aim to create quality watch straps that pair style and comfort, yet remain durable throughout their lifetime. Our watches draw upon timeless technology, whilst innovating the design to maintain a simplistic elegance.

The strap of the watch is what connect it to you, so it’s essential that your watch strap moves with you and feels comfortable to wear everyday. Take a look at our favourite watch straps that offer practicality and style.


Light Grey Rubber Watch Strap


The K-31 is the perfect example of timeless elegance meeting modern demand. This light grey watch strap offers a utilitarian, practical design that moves with your body, even though it’s made using no animal products.

All of our rubber straps are manufactured in North Eastern Italy, from a manufacturer who has over 30 years experience in the industry. With their help, we’ve created a strap that’s durable, tactile and pleasant to gaze upon. If you’re looking for something that reflects your values whilst offering a simple, clean aesthetic then the K-31 is idealism in practice.

Tan Leather Strap

tan leather watch strap

The 01-a is a classic tan leather strap that is always very popular. The high quality leather strap is manufactured in Germany, and offer a durable strap that adds aesthetic value too. Simple yet eye catching, this tan leather watch strap is the perfect balance between practical and stylish.

All of our calf leather straps are crafted in the Bavarian Forest using the finest materials to give a finished product that exudes unpretentious luxury.


Textured Black Leather Strap

Leather straps are very popular, due to their versatile nature. Black compliments any wardrobe and offers a chic, understated piece. However, if you’re looking for something a little bit different then the black textured leather strap is a unique classic.


The T-27 is an original, classy design that encapsulates the industrial design of the mid 20th century with simple features. A great watch strap for those who want something that will work well with any daytime or evening look.

Black Rubber Strap

black leather watch strap

A black strap is elegant and timeless, and when coupled with the vegan rubber material the K-100 watch becomes a great everyday watch. With rubber manufactured in Italy and then brought to our Glasgow studio, you can rest assured that what you’re receiving is an act of craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish 18 MM Italian rubber strap, then this watch delivers.


Christopher Raeburn

A unique and timeless piece with a story - this watch strap offers comfort and style. The Christopher Raeburn is a limited edition model that was produced with Christopher Raeburn himself. With a choice of either grey or blue British calf leather strap, this watch strap tells a story.

The watch is inspired by silk escape maps that were used by the military behind enemy lines. Produced in London and completely unique to each individual, this watch offers practical luxury with a story.


To find your perfect watch strap, browse our range of watches. You can also read up on how to care for your leather strap so that you can fully enjoy your watch and increase its longevity.