Faculty Department

Faculty Department is a photographic study by Justin Chung that gives an insight into the lives, anecdotes and spaces of thirteen creatives living around the world. Taking the form of a finely bound and printed hardback book, its design and layout (by Vancouver studio, Faculty) offers an impeccable backdrop for the articles and imagery within. 

Chung was inspired to start photographing the lives of creatives after moving to New York City to pursue a career in fashion photography. He soon realised that the work of his peers and those he admired was greatly informed by their daily routines and process, observing the small details that made them seem real and interesting. In Chung’s words: “Faculty Department offers a glimpse inside the lives of noteworthy individuals - while at work, inside their homes, during a particular daily routine or within the stillness of a moment.

It is my hope that these vignettes offer a rich perspective on these individuals' philosophies and approach to life; things we can all learn from, or simply appreciate.”

Alongside Chung's minimal, unforced photography are written articles by some of todays leading journalists and writers including Sean Hotchkiss, Kevin Burrows and Lucy Brook. The individuals featured within the book are: Thomas Lehoux, Lauren Snyder, Frank Muytjens, Lorin Stein, Tokuhiko Kise, Philip Crangi, Angus McIntosh, Richard Haines, Filippa Hallstensson, Sam Lambert, Ted Harrington, Kristoffer Dahy Ernst, and Jens Risom.

According to Faculty Department’s website, the limited edition run of 2800 copies has now officially sold out, however copies are still available from here if you wish to pick one up.


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