Nicole Patel

Nicole Patel is an artist and interior designer based in New York, known for creating minimal but stunningly intricate geometric work primarily using stretched canvas and twine, amongst other organic mediums.

Her work invites you to view it in two ways: up close to uncover a painstaking and detailed approach, or from afar to experience the calming and utilitarian overall appearance.

Design website Handful of Salt say, “Patel’s work is a study in geometry, subtlety, and texture as she reimagines textiles and deftly plays on the relationship between negative and positive space. Her pieces are equal parts calming and mesmerizing.” 

A buddhist, Patel’s artist statement on her website discusses in detail the calming, zen-like influence her work has on the viewer:

“The pieces are informed by organic materials because they can hold at once quiet humility and great importance. In working with these pure materials, I am to work in a way that will uphold their full potential... With the influence of minimal architecture and the practice of zen buddhism, the work unfold as graphically sound and resonates with a meditative quality.”

Patel lives in New York city with her son and husband Sweetu Patel, owner of one of our favourite stores C’H’C’M’. Her Instagram page provides a small but intriguing insight into their everyday life and shows the influence of Nicole’s interior design background spilling into her own home, with airy open spaces and simple sculptural furniture from the likes of B & B Italia and Cappellini.

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