Pentatonic, a new start up company from Jamie Hall and Johann Boedecker, is aiming to “radically transform consumption culture” by producing a range of furniture and objects created from the waste material generated by food, electrical, plastic and textiles.

The company will launched its first collection at London Design Festival in September 2017, hoping to show people that there is opportunity for products to be produced on a large scale using recycled materials. The first collection comprises customisable flat-packed furniture that is entirely made from recycled materials including smartphones, cans and even cigarette butts. 

Plyfix is a key component, made from recycled plastic with the look and feel of soft wool it is not only waterproof and breathable, it is also an air purifier. Add in it’s ability to be transformed into almost  any shape, it’s non bio-based composites that mean it wont rot or decompose and it is clear to see why it features heavily across the range.

A customisation tool on their website allows customers to choose between materials, giving a clear breakdown of the cost of each component as well as where the material came from. Pentatonic will also offer a ‘circular economy’, customers will be able to sell back pieces of their furniture for recycling and eventual reintroduction to the supply chain.

Black Glasses

Black Chair

Grey Table