The Arrivals

The Arrivals are a New York based brand specialising in the design and production of androgynous minded outerwear. Originally launched by architect Jeff Johnson, he connected with Kai Vepuri (an angel investor whose previous includes Warby Parker and Artsy) through a mutual friend in 2007 and the pair came together to push the brand forward. 

While neither have a background in fashion per se, the combination seems to be working. Johnson has said that transferring the skills from buildings to jackets has not been as great a leap as you might imagine: “I was very lucky to find myself in an architecture practice that was so cross-disciplinary, that touched on so many different elements of design,” Johnson says, “It was such a nice place to realise the underlying principles of making good design better... it’s the very simple things that you’re taught: what is the starting function, what is the material that you’re going to work with, what is the silhouette,

what is the construction going to take, what are the elements involved, what is the hardware like. Really, those elements transcend between any designing, it’s how we approach everything we do, whether that’s web design, the packaging, the product.”

One of the main goals for The Arrivals is about balance says Vepuri: creating beautiful design at a reasonable price, with their designs range from $200 - $700.

The Arrivals recently undertook their first collaboration, pairing up with famed architecture and design firm Snarkitecture, whose previous work includes spaces for Kith, Cos and Beats. The collaborative piece takes the form of a monochromatic poncho and features laser cut, heat welded inner detailing with a minimal and sculptural exterior.

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White Coats

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