Watch of the week: Instrmnt 01-A GM/T

Towards the end of each week, a few members of the Instrmnt team based at our Glasgow studio sit down and take stock of which products have been particularly popular during the prevailing seven days. It is often quite eye opening: we see trends in sales to certain parts of the world, sometimes due to a specific article in overseas press or a viral social media post, or sometimes for reasons we just can’t figure out at all. 

tan watch & strap

We are proud that our goods sell to such a wide range of markets, and globalisation - through the rise of the internet, free movement, closer international relations and better trade deals - has had an untold contribution to Instrmnt’s success since our launch five years ago. Instrmnt’s 'market' truly is an A-Z of towns and cities around the world: from Aberdeen to Zurich, Auckland to Zagreb. Thanks also go to our long serving couriers DPD and DHL for smoothly (for the most part..) facilitating it all. 

Bucking all the peaks and troughs of those sales trends is usually is our 01-A watch, with its white dial, gunmetal casing, and tan leather. Put simply, it is perennially popular and a solidly strong seller. This week it tops the list.

History of our 01-A watch

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We first started selling the 01-A to the public on the 11th July 2014. Like its 01-Series siblings, it has gone through around fourteen subtle upgrades since then: three iterations of the casing finish, multiple revisions of our strap construction and leather type, a (perhaps financially reckless) decision to reprint every Swiss produced date disk in our specific typeface, changes to the engraving method and layout of the laser etched caseback, plus the inclusion of a couple of hidden internal details that help us detect the ever increasing number of counterfeits and copies we see.

Why the 01-A watch is so popular

brown watch and strap

But largely, Instrmnt 01-A remains the same recognisable product we first started working on in mid 2013: a timeless, functional wristwatch made using the highest quality Swiss and German components. We’ll continue to quietly innovate and improve it as technology allows, but in all honestly we are extremely happy with the product at the current time. It seems you as customers are too. Perhaps the classic tan and gunmetal colour combination is what sells it - which we have found suitable for both casual and formal situations - or perhaps it is simply the one that journalists or design blogs most often pick out to highlight. 

In any case - it is deservedly our watch of the week. You can find out more and purchase one here if you like (with free shipping worldwide). 

Alternatively, here you can read more about the 01-B watch.