In how many ways can we change the common zipper?  Japanese design studio Nendo have came up with five new variations in their Zippppper project with manufacturer YKK.  

Diverting their attention from superficial finishings and instead focusing their attention on the question “What exactly is a zipper?” has allowed the studio to create zippers that have opened up the possibilities of use.

These new ideas have opened up possibilities that would not be possible with a normal zipper. The zippers range from one with spaces to allow users to pass cables through, three dimensional zippers that allow users to connect three elements rather than the traditional two and a zipper with a rotating disc-like slider that allows users to open with one hand.  A circular shaped zipper allows 360 degree accessibility as well as the option to connect circular parts one after the other.

Three Dimensional Zippers

Zipper and Headphones

White Zippers

Bags with zips

White zips