Marcio Kogan

Marcio Kogan, film-maker and principle architect at Studio Mk27, is considered to be one of the finest residential Architects in the world, with over 50 international awards and a unique studio set-up where his 20 strong team take equal part in every project.

Growing up in Sao Paulo in the 1950's with a modernist architect father, Kogan was clearly inspired by mid-century forms and few manage to incorporate the style so successfully in contemporary design. In some ways his buildings would not look out of place if built 60 years ago, yet still manage to capture the present day. 


Sao Paulo's cinematic landscape is well-suited to his film-making background and clean architectural style, but it is his balance of materials, proportion and light that make him one of our favourite living architects. 

Recent highlights include Paraty House, Mirindaba House, and Corten House, shown in the images below (from Archdaily).

Ross Baynham