Muller Van Severen

Muller Van Severen is a furniture project undertaken by Belgian husband and wife duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. Describing their work as “landscapes for living” their style could be seen to be a hybrid between De Stijl, modernism and Bauhaus, although the couple say they do not take direct inspiration from these movements but are instead driven by materiality. This can be seen in their creative process, for example their use of off-the-shelf polythene chopping boards.

These flat, uniform and sheet materials allow the duo to fill structured lines reminiscent of bold pencil strokes with flat sheets of colour, emphasising the planulae surfaces.  

Their exploration of form often romanticises the idea of being and spending time together with multifunctional pieces that can accommodate more than one user. Seats are often seen situated opposite each other to encourage interaction.


Huw Baynham