“We are attempting to create the first well-designed consumer objects of the third industrial revolution” is how Joe Doucet describes Othr, his venture alongside Dean Disimone and Evan Clabots. 

Launched during Milan Design Week earlier this year, Othr follows a host of designers who are taking both production and retail into their own hands.  The debut collection features twelve small products which are 3D printed using a range of materials including steel and porcelain and designed by names such as Claesson Koivisto Rune, Sebastian Bergne and Philippe Malouin.

Believing that 3D printing can be used to create desirable objects that people actually want to have in their homes, Othr follows three key principles.  Objects must be useful, aesthetic and unique.  Othr launches new products every fortnight, a process which is enabled by the fast development times which are possible with the technology used.  The objects do not physically exist until the customer places an order and each is embedded with a unique number which reflects the customers participation in its creation.



Huw Baynham