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Day Bed


Designed in collaboration with Edinburgh based craftsman and furniture maker Namon Gaston, the Day Bed acts as an intriguing focal point in the neutral environment of our Glasgow store

Manufactured from solid American walnut, it is a multi-functional piece, easily adaptable for different uses depending on the users' needs.

The modular end section can be used as a magazine rack, a raised table, or removed completely and replaced with one of the upholstered wool cushions. Acting as a pillow, the cushion placement alters the overall aesthetic and key use: from casual sofa to chaise longue. The pillow is held in place with a slim pillar of solid carrara marble.

Grey Svensson wool was chosen to reflect the industrial neutrality of the space, with upholstery work undertaken by Edinburgh based craftsman Peter Holmes of Be Seated. Maple pegs, engineered dovetail joints and brushed stainless steel detailing complete the piece. 

We plan to use the modular section of the day bed as a basis to form further collaborations. The idea is that in the future we can provide studios and designers with the dimensions of the small end space and give them the opportunity to produce something of interest to sit within its confines. Our vision is for the day bed to be an ever-changing environment.

Photography: ZAC and ZAC