How do I change the time?
The time can be changed by pulling the crown out two ‘clicks’.

How do I change the date?
The date can be changed by pulling the crown out one ‘click’ and then turning it away from yourself. Like all quartz watches the date ring on Instrmnt 01/K runs up to 31 irrespective of the month. During certain months you will have to adjust the date forward a day. 

How long should my battery last?
Your battery should last approximately two years. 

I need to replace my battery, can you recommend where to get it done? 
Please do not try to change the battery yourself as this may void warranty. Any reputable watch repair shop should be able to undertake the replacement of the battery for a nominal fee. The stock battery used in Instrmnt 01/K is a RENATA 362. The stock battery used in Instrmnt 02 is a Varta V321.

What are the dimensions of the strap? 
We use an 18mm wide strap on all our watches. The standard strap can accommodate wrist sizes ranging from 165mm - 215mm, however other sizing options are available on request. Please contact us before placing your order if you feel you may require a different size. 

What are the dimensions of the watch? 
You can view the basic dimensions of our watches by clicking here.

I would like a different watch and strap combination, is this possible? 
Please contact us  if you would like to swap the strap colour, this can be done for no extra cost. 

How should I care for my leather strap?
You should always attempt to avoid contact with water. Factors such as perspiration or prolonged exposure to sunlight may be detrimental to the longevity of your strap. 

How should I care for my rubber strap?
Rubber straps are fully waterproof, but you should always bear in mind that there are small moving parts in the pins that attach the strap to your watch: these can become rusty if in prolonged contact with water. Rubber can easily pick up surface dirt. Wiping the strap with a damp cloth and a small amount of soap should remove any build-up of dirt.


How long should my strap last? 
To maintain the intended aesthetic of your watch we recommend replacing leather straps every nine to twelve months. Rubber straps should last 2-3 years if the user looks after them carefully.  

My order is incorrect or damaged, who should I contact? 
All orders are packed and checked multiple times before dispatch, however if there happens to be a problem with your order please contact us and we will rectify the situation. 

Where is my order? 
All UK orders are dispatched via DPD. All international orders are dispatched via DHL. Once your order has been sent, you will receive an email from the courier with a link to tracking. If you have not received this email then please check your junk folder. If you have not received an order update within a few days then please contact us

All strap orders are sent via a Royal Mail non-tracked service. Delivery times will vary dependant on shipping location. 

What warranty do you provide? 
All Instrmnt watches come with two year warranty valid from date of purchase*, full details can be found here

* 2 year warranty applies to all watches purchased after 1st July 2016. All watches purchased prior to this date have a 1 year warranty as standard.


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