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How should I care for my rubber strap? 

Our Rubber straps are water proof and designed for everyday use. However, here are 3 tips on how to care for your rubber strap:

  1. After contact with salt or chlorinated water rinse your strap with fresh water. Make sure you dry your strap gently. 

  2. After excessive sweating wipe your strap with a damp cloth. 

  3. Substances such as after shave or cologne can cause damage to your rubber strap, so avoid contact with your strap when applying these.

Wiping your rubber strap with a damp cloth is enough to remove any surface dirt. Make sure you avoid any strong solvents or abrasives for cleaning as these can cause damage. Always bear in mind that there are small moving parts in the pins that attach the strap to your watch: these can become rusty if in prolonged contact with water. For this reason, make sure your thoroughly dry your strap and avoid using excess water.