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Local Heroes redefined contemporary Scottish design by bringing together Scotland’s leading designers in an exhibition developed specially for Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016.

The exhibition featured exciting new commissions which explored the notion of the souvenir and the theme of travel. Installed at Edinburgh Airport during the largest cultural festival in the world — The Edinburgh Festival — Local Heroes was accessible to 1.2 million passengers spanning 120 international destinations.

Designed specifically for Local Heroes, 01-DxR is a limited edition version of our iconic 01 series watch with bespoke risograph packaging. Inspired by the way our belongings are often reassembled while in transit, we collaborated with RISOTTO studio to imagine Instrmnt 01 through the eyes of the airport x-ray machine.


In direct contrast with the monochrome watch within, each colour printed on to our packaging corresponds to the materials an x-ray machine picks up and how they are shown: blue - metal, orange - biological, and green - plastics & alloys.

Instrmnt and RISOTTO are two studios that have distinct, discordant styles. The graphics featured on the packaging are playful, anarchic, stylised forms; a sharp contrast to the regimented and minimal interior of the box, and the subdued colour scheme of the watch.

This limited edition piece is now sold out.