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Rubber Watch Straps


Rubber Straps 

Our rubber straps are manufactured in North Eastern Italy, having been specially developed in partnership with a manufacturer who has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Based in the Veneto region - the historical manufacturing epicentre of the country - our atelier is known to create products for some of the finest brands in the world, using only the best materials, groundbreaking technology and advanced techniques.

We are proud to have created a NBR compound rubber strap that is not only durable, tactile and comfortable but also vegan - a common request from our customer base. In line with our brand values, the design aesthetic is minimal and industrial. Each hole is semi-punched on the reverse only, allowing the wearer to choose the single hole which fits their wrist best and therefore keeping the visual language as clean and simple as possible. Small design characteristics like this are what inform our ethos and values as a brand.



Please note, these straps only fit K-Series and 01 watches. If you are looking to purchase a strap for an 02 watch, please contact us

All straps are sent via Royal Mail, using a free, untracked service.
UK Delivery: 2-3 days.
Rest of the World: Up to 14 days (please email us if you wish to pay for expedited courier shipping).